See you at Defcon this weekend!

I'm making the final(ish*) stop of my Walkaway tour at Defcon this weekend in Las Vegas, giving a speech on Saturday in Track 2 at 10AM called $BIGNUM steps forward, $TRUMPNUM steps back: how can we tell if we're winning?, followed by a book-signing at the No Starch Press table in the exhibitors' hall.

If you're coming with kids and participating in r00tz — Defcon's kid's programming — you can catch me at 11:45 on Friday, with a talk called "You are not a digital native (and that's OK)"

*Technically, there's a couple more book-ish things going on before I am done: I'll be doing three talks at Burning Man on the underlying subject of the book, and on August 10th, Burbankers can catch me at my local library, the Buena Vista Branch, for a reading and Q&A at 7PM.

(Image: @jimfenton)