Pledge your allegiance to La Croix's coconut flavor with these dye-sublimated threads

If you're not familiar, RageOn is a company that allows anyone to create their own all-over clothing designs to sell on their platform. They use that relatively-new dye-sublimation printing process to put the designs on the fabric, and every piece is custom made to order.

So, I was thrilled to discover that some RageOn designer-genius who goes by estro_gen has made La Croix Boi, a line of clothing that pays homage to the La Croix sparkling water that tastes most like '70s suntan lotion: coconut.

Of course, the one downside of this printing process is that it only works on man-made materials like nylon or polyester. Or maybe that's an upside if you're really into that kind of thing.

Thanks, Simone Davalos!