This solar powered battery can charge three devices simultaneously

If you often find yourself far away from AC power, or just want to guarantee that you’ll have GPS access on your next camping trip, the SolarJuice External Solar Battery is an excellent companion for outdoor adventures. It’s currently available in the Boing Boing Store for $59.99.

The SolarJuice has a 26,800 mAh battery capable of powering up to three devices at once over high-speed USB 3.0. But more importantly, it absorbs power when you leave it in the sun, and it can bring your phone (or even a tablet) fully back to life several times over. It resists dirt and water, and is built to survive an accidental drop. You can attach it to your backpack with its sturdy carabiner clip to charge while hiking, and use its integrated LED panel as a powerful lantern for your camp site.

You can get the SolarJuice 26,800mAh External Solar Battery here for $59.99.