John Oliver reveals Alex Jones's woo-empire of overpriced, terror-fuelled quack remedies

Alex Jones is the self-described "performance artist" whose four-hour-per-day show mixes odious conspiracy theories (like the idea that Sandy Hook was a hoax and the grieving parents are paid actors) and aggressive pitches for foul-tasting, evidence-free "remedies" that are often just the same shit Gwenyth Paltrow sells through her Goop empire, repackaged for easily confused right-wingers.

Jones isn't just your common-or-garden con-artist, though: he's got the full credit and trust of the president of the USA, who has appeared on his show and routinely retweets Jones's ideas from his official, presidential Twitter account — in other words, Jones has become a kind of Rasputin figure, whispering conspiracy theories and mystical nonsense in the imperial leader's ear.

(via The Mary Sue)