Former undocumented migrant creates intimate portraits in migrants' homes

Nacho Guevara came to America without documentation, and since he got his green card, he has been using his photography skills to humanize fellow migrants in their homes.

Via Guevara:

The Mosaic Project is an ongoing project that began as a photographic initiative to counter the negative attitudes and stereotypes about immigrants living in the US. As a Costa Rican photographer, who spent eleven years of invisibility as an undocumented immigrant before obtaining my green card in 2014, I felt inspired to use my art to reshape public perception by capturing intimate portraits of artists in their homes, engaging with their art.

He even has a lovely shot of Natalia Paruz, aka The Saw Lady (previously):

Check out Guevara's site for lots of other cool projects.

The Mosaic Project teaser (via The Mosaic Project)