Make: a small-apartment-sized storage table from Ikea magazine boxes

Jules Yap takes to Ikeahackers to describe how you can use four Knuff magazine boxes to form a storage-top for a small-apartment-sized coffee table, using an Ikea stool for your base.

The size of this KNUFF coffee table is great for singles where you don't need a huge coffee table, or to place it in your room where space is limited, and its just the perfect size for your cosy reading corner. And the best thing is all four sides can be used as drawer units for all your magazines, books, and controllers etc.

The KNUFF magazine file comes with 2 piece (one inside the other). You can use this feature to change the shape of the table anyhow you like. The KNUFF table is quite solid and sturdy and works just like any other tables. Just don't put dumbbells on it.

KNUFF Transformable Coffee Table
[Jules Yap/Ikeahackers]

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