You can now read the financial disclosures of hundreds of Trump officials right here, online

For months, ProPublica has been gathering the disclosure forms that reveal the financial holdings and employment backgrounds of officials in the administration of President Donald Trump.

“We now have disclosures from hundreds of officials and we’re sharing them with you,” they say.

They are from White House staffers, President Trump’s Cabinet and from the hundreds of members of so-called beachhead teams that the administration has installed with little notice at federal agencies.

The disclosures are crucial to understanding potential conflicts. Many lobbyists and political consultants now work at the agencies the

y sought to influence.

We've also incorporated ethics waivers that the administration has given to 28 officials. These are useful because we can match up officials who have gotten waivers – usually former lobbyists, lawyers or TV consultants – with details of their assets and job histories.

Here Are the Financial Disclosures of Hundreds of Officials Trump Has Installed Across the Government
By Derek Kravitz, Al Shaw, Annie Waldman and Ariana Tobin, ProPublica, June 5, 2017
Updated August 3, 2017