Oil industry is running out of employees, because millennials

The oil industry is mired in a recruiting crisis because its workforce is aging out and millennials don't want to work for an industry that is destroying the planet they were hoping to live on.

The anti-planet lobbyists at the American Petroleum Institute have launched an hilarious, kack-handed, tone-deaf campaign to lure millennials to their doom, under the banner of "This ain't your daddy's oil…Oil strikes a pose. Oil taps potential. Oil pumps life."

According to a recent report by pollsters EY, 57 percent of teens now see the fossil fuel industry as bad for society, and 62 percent of those aged 16 to 19 say working for oil and gas companies is unappealing. Other findings suggest that millennials dislike the oil industry the most of any potential employer, with only 2 percent of college graduates in the United States listing the oil and gas industry as their first-choice job placement.

Given that a majority of millennials now also reject capitalism, the fact that we don't feel too much warmth towards the industry that's been at its dirty, beating heart of it for 300 years shouldn't come as a surprise.

Millennials are now the largest part of the U.S. workforce, meaning their flight could spell massive problems down the road for the world's most destructive companies.

Millennials Are Killing the Oil Industry
[Kate Aronoff/In These Times]

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