Kickstarting a growth chart that instills an appreciation of the awesome magnitude of the universe

Seth Fishman and Isabel Greenberg (previously) have a forthcoming picture book called A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars, which uses masterful illustrations and text to convey the magnitude of the universe and its myriad significant things; in an accompanying Kickstarter, the pair are offering up a "growth chart" to help your kids record their progress while instilling a sense of the profundity and infinitude of our glorious universe.

3 Feet Tall? Congrats, you're about as tall as 230 fire ants balancing head to toe.

A Foot Tall? Yay, you're exactly the height of the largest recorded dinosaur TOOTH. Grow another 45 feet and you can fill its mouth!

53.55 Inches? Hurrah, you are exactly half the height of Robert Pershing Wadlow, the tallest human ever reliably recorded (at 8 foot 11.1 inches)!

6 Feet? You hit the top of the Growth Chart, wow! Now we only need to stack about 210,230,000 of you on top of each other to reach the moon (depending on where you're standing right now). That's a big number, just bigger than the entire population of the fifth largest country in the world (Brazil)!

4 Feet 9 Inches Tall? Every 'horse' smaller than you is officially a pony!

Fun, right? Aside from these playful, perspective-gaining facts, for every pledge Isabel will add a star to the chart that's specifically in honor of your child (and will be labeled online). At the highest pledge-level, Isabel will illustrate your child right into the Growth Chart.

A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars Inspired Growth Chart
[Seth Fishman and Isabel Greenberg/Kickstarter]