How to clean your Coleman stove

I've been in love with Coleman liquid fuel stoves since I was a boy scout. They are nearly indestructible and last decades with some simple maintenance. My old Powerhouse 414 was in need of some love, before serving a group of pals next week, and this video came in handy!

You can run any Coleman liquid gas stove on white gas or unleaded fuel, but the unleaded will clog up the generator after a while unless you have a dual fuel model. I prefer white gas and it stores very well, but the gasoline option is very nice.

If you need one, I recommend the 414 model. While it puts out slightly more heat, the real joy of the 414 over the 425 is space for 2 10" frying pans or pots. The 425 is very crowded.

Coleman Guide Series Powerhouse Dual Fuel Stove