So the Alt-Right is coming to your campus

The Southern Poverty Law Center's guide, The Alt-Right on Campus: What Students Need to Know basically advises you to network with everyone on your campus who isn't a closet Nazi, meet with the Young Republicans (or whatever) and remind them that they're inviting Nazis to come speak, and then to throw a big, fun event far from whatever Nazi is addressing your school and starve them of publicity and attention.

The rest of the guide is basically a Monster Manual for shitty people, with profiles of the chief Nazis, and their useful idiot shock troops like the "Proud Boys."

The theory here is that trolls are fringey and naturally struggle to find people who are broken enough to join with them -- but when we turn them into cause celebres, the ensuing publicity goes so far and wide that those thinly distributed potential supporters hear about the Nazis' messages.

IF THE ALT-RIGHT APPEARS ON CAMPUS, ORGANIZE A JOYFUL PROTEST AWAY FROM ITS EVENT. Make it a festival for diversity and tolerance. Have music, speeches and other entertainment. Use the Women’s March in Washington as a template. Publicize your event using social media, newspapers, radio, placards and fliers. Be creative in showing your distaste for the alt-right. You may also consider hosting a conference, vigil or forum. Ask groups routinely targeted by the alt-right to speak.

ABOVE ALL, AVOID CONFRONTATION WITH THE ALTRIGHT SPEAKER AND SUPPORTERS. The alt-right thrives on hostility, and hate feeds on crowds. Video footage of an altercation will only provide cover for the speaker, who can claim to be a victim. As hard as it may be to resist yelling at alt-right speakers, do not confront them. Do not debate them. Do not resort to violence, in speech or deed. As this publication makes clear, there are many other ways to challenge the beliefs of this movement.