10 products that take the annoying parts out of cooking

While it's possible to cook a brilliant dish out in the woods with nothing more than some sharpened sticks and a roaring fire, most of us aren't quite at that level of mastery yet. For some extra assistance in your food prep take a look at the following kitchen conveniences: 

Salad to Go Container – $11.99

Salad to Go Container

Bringing your own salad for lunch is usually a compromise in the name of frugality and healthiness, but it doesn't have to be with this to go container. It keeps your ingredients separated and comes packed with its own silverware set, so you don't have to suffer through another dressing-soaked mess with leftover takeout utensils. Get one here for just $11.99.

Star Wars Ice Trays (Set of 8) – $16.99

Star Wars Ice Trays

Whether you are throwing a cantina-themed house party and need the perfect finishing touch for your signature cocktail, or just like to feel the force with every cold drink, these Star Wars Ice Trays make a great addition to any geek's freezer. And they're microwave- and oven-safe for making galactic sweets. This set of eight molds is available for $16.99.

Avocado Joy Slicer- $9.99

Avocados are easily one of the most delicious savory fruits around, and the Avocado Joy Slicer makes it even easier to extract from their leathery skin. This multitool features a serrated knife, a pitter, and a row of blades to quickly cut uniform slices, all for just $9.99.

Stovetop Popcorn Popper – $29

Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Although mastering the timing of microwave popcorn is its own art, making it on the stove is always going to yield tastier and healthier results. The Stovetop Popcorn Popper won't leave any unpopped kernels behind, and its stirring mechanism makes a full batch in just a few minutes. You can grab one of these movie-night companions here for $29

Blue Apron Plans – $25

If you want to expand your cooking skills beyond instant ramen and scrambled eggs, Blue Apron's meal planning and delivery service will have you taking over chef duties at your house in no time. Included in the box are all the ingredients needed to make three delicious home-cooked meals for two people. This curated one-week trial is just $25.

Chefman Egg Cooker – $19.99

Chefman Egg Cooker 

Boiled eggs make a great to-go breakfast, but making them on the stove requires extra attention, and a lot of ice-bath preparation to keep the shells from sticking. For a perfect batch every time in just 15 minutes, take a look at the Chefman Egg Cooker. Pick one up for just $19.99.

Stainless Steel Herb Scissors – $11.99

Scissors are a surprisingly handy kitchen device, as they are the absolute quickest way to add freshly chopped herbs to your dishes. To multiply your usual chopping speed by at least five, get these Stainless Steel Herb Scissors for just $11.99. They're totally dishwasher safe, and provide a strong grip with their silicon handles.

7" Ceramic Non-Stick Frypan – $12.74

7" Ceramic Non-Stick Frypan

A good skillet is probably the most important tool in any kitchen. This GreenPan offers a durable, non-stick ceramic cooking surface that's easy to clean and won't eventually flake tiny bits of teflon into your food. The 7" GreenPan Rio Frypan is just $12.74 when you order it here.

Corn Stripper- $9.99

Corn on the cob is great, but not every meal calls for a butter-smothered barbecue staple. The Corn Stripper makes it painless to cut off loose corn kernels, and the attached container catches them before they go flying. Say goodbye to bags of frozen corn with this clever gadget for only $9.99

Original SNAP'N STRAIN Clip-On Strainer – $12.99

Original SNAP'N STRAIN Clip-On Strainer

Dropping noodles in the sink is dinnertime tragedy, but you'll never lose a single one again with the SNAP'N STRAIN Clip-On Strainer. It clamps on the side of your saucepan or skillets to easily drain water and excess oil, and features a helpful barrier to keep solids in place. Get one here for $12.99.