Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah played on the mbira

Mbira musician Patti Broussard treats her fans to a lovely rendition of Hallelujah on an Array mbira.

Mbiras (sometimes called kalimbas or thumb pianos) are traditional African plucked instruments with tuned metal tines attached to a wood sounding board. They come in a range of complexities, with the one played here near the top of the line. Patti says, "Headphones always help immerse you in the beautiful sound of the Array! I hope you enjoy. Thank you for listening."

For the big fancy kind played in the video, check out the Array Mbira site.

There are also delightful small mbiras that are a lot of fun for children, too! They're pretty easy to play.

Hallelujah (Array Mbira Cover) (YouTube/ puppetpatti)