Hurricane Harvey could be strongest storm to hit U.S. in over a decade, and a first for Trump's FEMA

#HurricaneHarvey could hit landfall late Friday night along the Texas coast as a Category 3 hurricane.

Harvey may become the strongest storm to hit the United States in over a decade.

Writes Harvey Danger at Grist:

Harvey could be the new administration's first natural-disaster test. FEMA, the federal agency responsible for disaster response, is under new leadership, and disaster relief has faced significant cuts under Trump.
In short, we're looking at a region and a president untested by recent hurricanes.

Get a load of the weird tweet Donald Trump sent as our president, with a North Korea style message below.

They even used Copperplate for the crawl font.

The coming storm is affecting fuel prices throughout the country.

U.S. gasoline prices surged to a three-week high on Thursday as Hurricane Harvey moved across the Gulf of Mexico and threatened to strike the heart of the country's oil refining industry when it comes ashore in Texas this weekend.

Recent satellite and radar imagery, and photos from reporters in the area, below.