North Korea invites Russians to vacation there, pretending it's "safer than London"

North Korea must be hard up for cash, as they are now promoting themselves to Russians as a tourist destination. In their promotional pitch, they claim that visiting North Korea is "safer than an evening walk in London." (Sounds like one of those exaggerated claims that Trump would say!) They also state that the guests must be "checked" before the trip and will constantly be monitored for "adequate behaviour of the tourist and guarantee his safety," according to The Telegraph. Furthermore, it's "not recommended" to chat with the locals, and taking photos of military facilities is prohibited. Sounds fun!

According to the Telegraph:, a Russian company licensed by North Korea's government, offers organised tours for groups of up to 10 people or individuals "to show the travellers the multi-faceted life of this most closed of countries"…

The most pricey tour, 15 days "full immersion in the culture of North Korea" costing 118,090 roubles (£1558), includes visits to a farm, a mineral water factory, a Buddhist temple, walks in the mountains and an introduction to national cuisine. Visits to numerous museums to founding leader Kim Il-Sung are also on offer.

Other less demanding tours include relaxation on a beach, an aviation show and even a beer festival.

Uh, I think I'll take my adventure vacation elsewhere thank you very much.

Image: Stefan Krasowski