This video of a 360º hand-crafted flipbook of Mt. Fuji will take your breath away

Yes, please! Take my money.

This is an amazing demonstration of Yusuke Oono's hand-crafted 'Mount Fuji 360' book, published by Counter-Print. in Japan.

From the publisher:

I thought I'd take a moment to talk briefly about one book which blew up our Instagram feed a little while back and seems to provide a tireless source of bewilderment to our follows on the 'counterprintbooks' feed.

The 360˚ Book is a new format that enables the artist to create a panoramic three dimensional world. The book opens and expands into a dynamic circle of pages. Each page is a finely crafted work of art, drawing the viewer from a scene of two dimensions into a three-dimensional diorama.

Regardless of the book's theme, it feels like something that could only have been made in Japan. As such, the books are the brainchild of one Yusuke Oono, who was actually born in Germany but graduated from The University of Tokyo where he studied Architecture.

Through the 'Mount Fuji 360 Book' Oono has designed a surprising twist on the pop-up book. A 360-degree panoramic scene of layered silhouettes, where Mount Fuji is unveiled in all its majesty, surrounded by curling clouds, a fiery round sun and with graceful red-crowned cranes alighting on its slopes.

Unfortunately, the wonderful book is sold out on Amazon and the publisher's UK website right now on the date of this blog post.