Person tests Amazon's "unlimited" cloud storage by uploading 1.8 petabytes of porn

A fellow who goes by the handle beaston02 wanted to see how unlimited Amazon's "unlimited" cloud storage plan was, so he uploaded 293 years' worth (2 million gigabytes or 2 petabytes) of PornHub videos to his account.

From Motherboard:

Beaston02 told me he stopped recording streams simply because his interest in it waned. "I know plenty of people have labeled me some huge pervert or someone with a huge porn addiction, but that's really not me at all," he said. "I have more of a problem with collecting or hoarding data than I do with porn." He said he used the exercise to learn Python, SQL databases, and how to handle that much data. "The project ran its course, I got the knowledge I was hoping to get, and I just had no interest in it anymore."

While he's no longer running the scripts that collected the porn, he made them available on Github. Another Redditor, -Archivist, took up the cause with the "Petabyte Porn Project," recruiting other hoarders to help continue recording live public cam sessions all day every day. -Archivist told me in a Reddit message that this represents "upwards of 12 terabytes per day." Those helping hoard are close to two petabytes now, stored on Amazon's cloud and mirrored on Google Drive. Amazon did not respond to Motherboard's request for comment.

Amazon canceled its unlimited storage offering in June.