Watch: Ted Cruz squirms when asked why he voted No for Sandy aid but now asks for Harvey aid

MSNBC host Katy Tur asks Senator Ted Cruz what he has to say about voting against relief aid for the catastrophic Hurricane Sandy back in 2012, but now asking for Hurricane Harvey relief aid, which happens to be in his own state of Texas.

Cruz tries to swat away the question with a lame response: "There's time for political sniping later."

But Tur doesn't let it go. "It's not really political sniping, Senator. These are people who needed money and who needed funding after that storm... Many of those people, just like in Houston, lost everything they owned."

Cruz then comes up with a whopper, saying he "enthusiastically" supported aid to Sandy. Funny, it sure didn't seem that way. Fortunately the areas affected by Sandy did get the relief aid they needed, just as we should hope and expect that those affected by Harvey will get the relief aid that they need.