Federal judge throws out Palin's defamation suit against the NY Times

A small ray of sunshine as the current Administration continues its war on journalism. A defamation lawsuit brought by former Vice-Presidential candidate and national laughing stock Sarah Palin, against The New York Times, has been dismissed.

A federal judge on Tuesday dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by the former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin against The New York Times, saying Ms. Palin's complaint failed to show that a mistake in an editorial was made maliciously.

"What we have here is an editorial, written and rewritten rapidly in order to voice an opinion on an immediate event of importance, in which are included a few factual inaccuracies somewhat pertaining to Mrs. Palin that are very rapidly corrected," Judge Jed S. Rakoff of Federal District Court in Manhattan said in his ruling. "Negligence this may be; but defamation of a public figure it plainly is not."

Via The New York Times, natch.