This AI trained on a million logos will now rate your logo

If an artificial intelligence reviewed your favorite logo, how would that logo fare? now you can find out with Logo Rank, a nifty tool by the guy behind Brandmark.

As with any AI, the sensibilities of the programmer are baked into that learning, although he makes a case for the universality of the aestherics of a good logo:

Logo design is a creative field that's defined by constraints. A good logo is not only illustrative of the brand but simple enough to be legible from afar. It must also be unique enough to not be confused with the myriad of symbols and icons that surround us.

Logos are essentially abstract illustrations, but clearly not all illustrations make for good logos. In order to create logos systematically we need some notion of what makes a logo good in a visual sense.

Brandmark generated this Boing Boing logo, which is not too bad!

Creator Jack Qiao has a bunch of other cool projects cooking, so check it out.

Logo Rank (Brandmark via Taxi)