Stoner is a podcast that interviews creative people who smoke weed

This is a fun podcast I just learned about. It's called Stoner. The host Aaron Lammer (also the co-host of the Longform Podcast) says, "Stoner is a freewheeling conversation that often starts with 'when was the first time you ever smoked weed?' and can end up anywhere."

I embedded the episode above, which is an interview with our friend, Matt Haughey, who created Metafilter.

Matt Haughey never touched weed as a teen, despite being a competitive BMX rider in Southern California. He didn't smoke any weed in his 20s either, busy founding Metafilter one of the internet's first collections of "cool shit people find on the internet." By the time he was in 30s, Matt was curious to try marijuana but didn't know anyone who had any. Finally, a decade later, legalization came to the West Coast and he set off for Washington State to acquire some weed so he could smoke his first joint, age 42.

We talked about the lack of beginner's weed-smoking information on the internet, touring elementary schools and churches performing in a D.A.R.E. BMX show, and why he gave Metafilter away after 16 years.