Get ready to relax while watching this resin painting technique

Watching Riusuke Fukahori paint this beautiful resin painting called Goldfish Salvation may be the most relaxing thing you do today.

The story of how he came to paint goldfish is quite touching:

One day when he was struggling with his artistic vision, he suddenly realised the beauty of his goldfish which had been in a poor condition for 7 years. He calls this event 'Kingyo Sukui – Goldfish Salvation'. In 2002, Fukahori began his journey creating his 3D painting style using many layers of resin. He took up a Guest Professor post at Yokohama College of Art and Design in 2016, and also he has been appointed to Public Relations Ambassador for Yatomi City in the same year.

Here's another zenlike video if you're not relaxed enough yet.

Goldfish Salvation website (via YouTube / Cinematic Films ネマティックフィルムス)