Watch: Heroic man on motorcycle saves the life of a man about to jump

A man in Russia is hitchhiking from Vladimir (near Moscow) to the Kursk region to attend his mother's funeral when he is overcome with grief. He decides to jump off an overpass on the Minsk highway, and as he stands over the passing cars below him, a man on a motorcycle spots him. The driver has to turn around and drive against traffic to get back under the suicidal man. He shouts over the traffic in Russian, from the highway to the overpass, and talks the man into stepping away from the ledge. He then rides up to the overpass to talk to the man face to face. But that isn't the end of it. Although on YouTube the description of what happened, even after what you see in the video, is written in Russian, I put it through Google's translator. It's a bit rough but clear enough:

"Suicide attempt on the viaduct of the Minsk highway"

"I saw him from the corner of my eye, but it was clear that a person was already ready to take a step. Forgive me, I knew that I was breaking the rules, and I did it as carefully as possible, since I understood that there was no time for another solution."

"He could jump just under the car. So I decided to stop the flow of cars. After the end of this video, he tried to escape from us, we ran after him. He lied that he was going to the Smolensk region.
Thank you not indifferent motorists, who also saw and stopped, they also called for help."

"The story is simple. According to the guy, he hitch-hiked from Vladimir to the Kursk region for the funeral of his mother and, as you can understand, morally broke."

"We waited for everyone, the police, the police and the ambulance arrived quickly. From the moment we drove up to Alexei, it took no more than 10 minutes. All this time we talked to him on abstract topics and caught him twice, as he tried to escape. As a result, everyone calmly agreed that he would sit in the Inspectors' car and go with them."