Meet Marvin Glass, the "Troubled King of Toys"

Enjoy this local Chicago TV profile of toy inventor Marvin Glass–if you can.

His toy development company created many famous toys and games (Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, Operation, etc.) which brought joy and mirth to millions of kids, but Marvin Glass himself had a dark side and was often depressed. He was famously profiled in The Saturday Evening Post as the "Troubled King of Toys."

In this 1972 interview Glass comes off as defensive and negative, like Dan Akroyd's SNL Mainway Toy Company President or Martin Short's sweaty attorney Nathan Thurm.

For more info on Marvin Glass and the famous toys he helped create, check out the Maker Media book Make: FUN! Create Your Own Toys, Games, and Amusements.

[The amazing interview starts here. Glass could have been a character in a Mamet movie — Mark]