Watch: Panicked family trying to shoo bat out of kitchen would make a great sitcom scene

This has got to be the funniest get-the-wild-animal-out-of-the-house videos ever. You couldn't write fiction better than this. Even the panicked man who I supposed is the dad thinks it's funny. The dad is holding a towel, running around the kitchen screaming "Catch him!" and "Fuck it!" He jumps up on chair at one point, but it does him no good. Then we see a woman's face pressed against the glass panel of a door, which would look pretty scary if this were a horror flick. She's too scared to come into the kitchen. Even the dog gets in on the action, peeing on the floor during the commotion. Towards the finale there is a goofy scream that is priceless. Nobody is actually doing anything constructive to lead the bat out to its natural habitat. The whole thing had me laughing out loud. Fortunately the bat, unharmed, does make it outside, eventually.