Florida Sheriff warns storm victims to expect warrant checks at hurricane shelters

Grady Judd (@PolkCoSheriff, 1-800-226-0344) is the Sheriff of Polk County, FL, in the path of Hurricane Irma; his emergency communications have included repeated warnings to Floridians with outstanding warrants that they will not be welcomed at the state's shelters, and can expect to have their warrant status checked before admission to a shelter, and to be taken to jail if they have warrants outstanding.

Irma is shaping up to be the worst Atlantic hurricane ever recorded. People who do not seek shelter risk serious injury and death.

Judd says he will not check immigration status at shelters.

"We cannot and we will not have innocent children in a shelter with sexual offenders & predators," the sheriff said, adding law enforcement officers would be posted at shelters to check IDs.

"If you have a warrant, turn yourself in to the jail — it's a secure shelter."

Florida Sheriff Plans to Check for Warrants at Hurricane Shelters
[Christine Hauser/New York Times]