Amateur queer ghost hunters investigate Trump's childhood home

Heather Dockray and a band of amateur queer ghost hunters rented Trump's childhood home on Airbnb and found some creepy stuff, which of course begs the question: were they non-professionals seeking queer ghosts, or were they seeking queer non-professional ghosts?

It's not clear in the story, but there are plenty of other spooky details. Via Mashable:

It took almost an hour before a real spirit joined us at the ouija board, and, reader, he was the worst. The spirit, who told us he went by the nickname F.W., was a kind of alt-right Milo Yiannopoulos irony bro demon. After asking us "R U SINGLE," he replied that he was "NOT." He told us that he "LOVED" Trump and that he had "NO" message he wanted to communicate with the living, outside of "P*SSY."

This game droned on until the alt-demon finally left the board, probably to go haunt some kids at Berkeley. Once liberated from his grating presence, the entire room's energy shifted. The lights dimmed. The temperature dropped. The dry ice I'd brought squeaked like a dying mouse, and the crystals did whatever the hell crystals do. I took a quick nap on the toilet.

The Haunting of Donald J. Trump (Mashable)