Emulate ancient NES games on an ancient Amiga

A/NES is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the classic Commodore Amiga. You'll need an enhanced chipset (too bad, A500 owners!) and you'll want a good joypad to enjoy those old console games.

It was coded by Morgan Johansson (me) and Fredrik Schultz. The emulator is entirely coded in 680x0 assembler and optimized for classic Amiga hardware.


* Full 6502 emulation

* Batterybackup support

* GUI :)

* Action Replay and Game Genie codesupport

* Sound!

* Famicom Disk System emulation (W.I.P)

* Two player support

* Support for XPK compressed files

* 100% 680x0 assembler. :)

Someone, not me, should run this in an Amiga emulator running in DOSBox on a Mac and report back.