Emulate ancient NES games on an ancient Amiga

A/NES is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the classic Commodore Amiga. You'll need an enhanced chipset (too bad, A500 owners!) and you'll want a good joypad to enjoy those old console games.

It was coded by Morgan Johansson (me) and Fredrik Schultz. The emulator is entirely coded in 680×0 assembler and optimized for classic Amiga hardware.


* Full 6502 emulation

* Batterybackup support

* GUI :)

* Action Replay and Game Genie codesupport

* Sound!

* Famicom Disk System emulation (W.I.P)

* Two player support

* Support for XPK compressed files

* 100% 680×0 assembler. :)

Someone, not me, should run this in an Amiga emulator running in DOSBox on a Mac and report back.