Swerving a lawnmower around the streets with a beer at his side, South Carolina mayor let off by cops

Aynor mayor John Gardner, driving a lawnmower with a beer at his side, was pulled over by cops. But they let him go without so much as a warning. I wonder if it's because he's an important fellow and can do as he pleases.

The mayor of Aynor was carrying a beer when he was pulled over while riding a lawnmower though town last month, according to police dashcam video.

“You also have an open container,” an Horry County police officer says in the video, taken around 8:30 p.m. on Aug. 25.

“I know, I apologize for that,” replied John Garder, who is also the chief financial officer for Horry County Schools.

The officers made Gardner pour out the beer, which Gardner now contends was not open.

Gardner says he was not cited, and the video shows officers saying they would call the Town of Aynor to handle the situation.

Even a man who's maybe had a beer or two understands the power of silence.

Gardner asks, "Can we go to town hall?" The female officer replies, "Right now? Why would I want to go to town hall?"

No further response can be heard.

Then he just hops back onto the vehicle, it seems, and drives off. And there's not so much as a police report.

Tony Godsey, the town manager for Aynor, said they have no comment other than "he wasn't charged so the town is not going to do anything further."