Celebrities have a gas with Sean Spicer at Emmy Awards

Sean Spicer, the former Trump press secretary who said Hitler didn't use chemical weapons, was a surprise guest at last night's Emmy Awards. Welcomed by Stephen Colbert, he was even given a kiss by a British comedian whose name escapes me but who everyone already hates because he was once a dick to Patrick Stewart.

Colbert has spent the entirety of Trump's time in office railing against the president's hypocrisy, his exclusionary policies, and his affinity for telling lies whenever it's convenient. Every night that The Late Show has been on the air has been a night that Colbert has passionately slammed Trump and his staff alike for using their power to spread falsehoods and fear.

That's why seeing Colbert close out his monologue by sharing a chuckle with Spicer wasn't just jarring — it was incredibly disappointing.

Disappointment is such a revealing emotion.