Sign the open letter: European businesses concerned about US changes to net neutrality

Josh from Fight for the Future writes, "The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is threatening to rollback its net neutrality protections, which help make the Internet a place of equal opportunity and international innovation."

"If these rules are repealed, major US Internet service providers will become gatekeepers of the country's digital economy, and will be in a position to harm or destroy global businesses. For example, US ISPs would gain powers to block your sites and apps, or force your businesses to pay expensive "prioritization" fees just to reach customers online.

"Do you run a business based outside of the US and care about the open web? If so, please sign our open letter demanding the government keep strong net neutrality protections in place.

"Add your company ASAP—the deadline for sign on is 5PM CET on Monday, September 25th."

We are concerned about how the rollback of Title II net neutrality could negatively impact the world's shared Internet ecosystem.
[The World for Net Neutrality]