Watch artist Flynn Talbot blend sculpture, fabric, and light

Australian-born artist Flynn Talbot is currently exhibiting Reflection Room, a large installation with cool and warm lights meant to evoke the sun setting on the ocean in his hometown of Perth.

Quoth Talbot:

Reflection Room is an immersive, coloured light experience that will be the first London Design Festival installation to be housed in the V&A Museum's Prince Consort Gallery. The vaulted space is lit at each end to highlight and define the dramatic 35m length of the gallery, its ceiling structure and the audience walking within. It is illuminated with my signature of complementary blue and orange lighting, and large gloss black Barrisol panels are used to expand the width of the space, offering a fragmented view of shifting colours, reflections and light.

Bonus video: Primary, a 3D shape onto which colorful lights are projected:

More info at his site.

Flynn Talbot