Dad and son with autism have a conversation

Just a video of a dad and his son having a conversation. Why did dad record and share it? To help people understand the day-to-day experience of communicating with people who have autism.

"There are times when the autistic individual is very able to communicate and have a conversation in their own different way," says dad.

He hopes it helps increase understanding.

My son Chase and I hanging out on a Sunday. On occasion, he is super social and will beg me to do something for 48 straight hours such as "Anthony's house." About 16 months ago, he got to visit my friend's house and played nurf guns with three other kids his age and younger. To this day, he still talks about it and I still try to line up a date at that friend's house with all the same kids, but that is really difficult to do cause they don't have autism or special needs at all. Chase is quite unpredictable.

[via r/videos]