I remember 'Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor'

As a kid, I never understood Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor.

This is what I remember:

Not long after Moby Dick ate Ahab and smashed the Pequod, he learned to relax. Like majorly chill out! In this confounding series, a kinder and gentler Moby befriends two nautically enthusiastic kids named something like Tub and Tug, then he fights lame sea creatures.

Incidentally, there is another kid who lived a long time ago named Tor! Tor acts like a helpful kid on ONE and only ONE occasion but is so helpful that an old dude gives him a magic log. It is fun, it is magic, it is wood.

Like a teenager, Tor immediately loses the manual before his pet dinosaur can even ask him what the scenario is! Evidently, the magic log turns Tor from a puny kid into a flying adult with a horned helmet. Additionally, said log converts Tor's pet dinosaur into a flying, fire-breathing pet dinosaur. Use those log powers for good!

I'm pretty sure this cartoon was a complete waste of time.