Gentlemen get so stoned on top of England's highest mountain they can't walk and need rescue team

Four chaps needed to be rescued from the highest mountain in England over the weekend because they couldn't walk. No, they hadn't injured themselves in any way. They just got too stoned to hike back down the mountain.

Stranded on Scafell Pike’s 3,210-foot peak, the men called for help Saturday evening. A rescue team along with police helped the men hike safely down.

The Cumbria Police had something to say about it on Twitter:


According to The Guardian:

The post provoked furious reactions on social media, with some users suggesting the group be asked to cover the cost of the rescue operation. The comments prompted Copeland’s local police force to respond that they “always ensure people are safe, regardless of choices they make that put them in a dangerous position”.

Image: Thorneh