Watch this mesmerizing sequel to Vietnam from Above

Thắng Sói has released Vietnam From Above II. Unlike many similar drone films, this work mixes the mundane and urban with the country's more picturesque vistas.

Thắng Sói writes:

As promised, I've continued my journey, in the air, about the people, the life and all things that belong to our country.

Vietnam – An Aeral Concert is divided into 5 chapters, each chapter is story about a territory of our country:

1. The Sea
2. The Highland
3. The Countryside
4. The Urban
5. Our Homeland

Here's the original for those who may have missed it last year. It's much more traditional in its shot choices, but in both, the image quality is to the point that the filmmaker had to watermark it to keep tourism promoters from using it without his permission.

Vietnam From Above II (Vimeo / Thắng Sói)