Ott is crowdfunding Skylon on double vinyl

Ott's Skylon ranks among the century's great psychedelic chillout albums, and now it's set to come out as a double vinyl. Get in on the Kickstarter for box sets and more.

Some back story from Ott:

I'd already made Hallucinogen In Dub and Blumenkraft and they had both been received very positively, but I was unsure where to go next. Should I just do more of the same or was it time to branch out and do something different? Should I consider the expectations of my audience and try to give them what they want, or shoot off on a tangent and do something unexpected?

I was beset with indecision, totally overthinking it, and before I knew it five years had slipped past. During that time I met my wife, got married, became a dad and went to live in Spain.

In the background, however, I was constantly making music. A song here, a song there, some of which took years between starting and finishing. Eventually I realised that, regardless of my intentions, the music was going to take its own course. I had to be there to turn the knobs and push the buttons, but it pretty much wrote itself.

Ott – 'Skylon' on highest-quality double vinyl. (Kickstarter / Ott)