More than 5,000 Detroiters sing Allee Willis' love song to the city

If there's one thing I know about Detroit-born multimedia artist Allee Willis, it's that she's unstoppable. And not knowing how to do something hasn't keep her from pursuing her dreams and becoming incredibly successful.

For example, by her own admission, she has "no idea how to play, read, or notate music." Yet, she's received multiple accolades for her music including two Grammy awards.

In fact, her big break came after co-writing the 1978 hit "September" by Earth, Wind, & Fire. She also co-wrote their "Boogie Wonderland."

But she didn't stop there. You know the Friends theme? She co-wrote that.

She also co-authored The Color Purple for Broadway. Earlier this year, she got her second Grammy for that.

In her multi-decade career, she's worked with musical artists such as The Pointer Sisters, the Pet Shop Boys, Bob Dylan, Patti LaBelle, James Brown, Herbie Hancock and many more.

Again, she has zero musical training.

Now she's written "The D," which she calls a "love song to Detroit." This is her biggest project to date.

She had never done anything like this before, no one has (or could).

The entire project includes not only a song but a music video, record, and party which all-in-all took nearly four years to complete. She pulled in her born-in-Detroit celebrity pals such as Lily Tomlin and Ray Parker Jr., as well as Motown names like Mary Wilson (Supremes) and Martha Reeves. She also invited thousands of everyday folks to participate and they did. "The D" features the vocals of over 5,000 Detroiters, which is the most people on a record together ever.

Like I said, Allee Willis is unstoppable.

"The D's" music video has just dropped.

If you're in Detroit, get yourself to her party for "The D" on September 28. It's free and guaranteed to be fabulous.

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