Hoarder Barbie trashes her Dream House

Carrie Becker's Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse is a detailed 1:16 scale model of a hoarder house, inside a Barbie Dream House, beautifully and hauntingly photographed. I know hoarders (and am related to a couple) and it's not a joke — and neither is this amazing work of art. (via Waxy)

From Becker's notes on The Bibliophile, 2015:

All of the furniture in this scene came from Barbie. They are first masked in a spray paint base and then hand painted with acrylic. Orignally, they would have been pink and purple. The sofa is covered in flocking, and the floor is stained popsicle sticks. Finally, I hand-made each book, of which there are over 2000. That took a couple of full days each week for a few months to complete. Dust jackets and book cover images were found online, re-sized in an editing program, and printed out on sticker paper, at roughly "1 x 2". They were then cut apart and wrapped around individual pieces of foam core.