Psychological asymmetry – why we feel lonley and odd

This new video from the School of Life present the concept of psychological asymmetry, and why we aren't as odd or special as we might think.

The solutions to psychological asymmetry lie in two places — art and love art provides us with accurate portrayals of the inner lives of strangers, and with grace and compelling charm shows us how much they share in troubles and hopes we thought we might be alone in experiencing. And love gives us an occasional deeply precious sense of security to reveal who we really are to another person and the opportunity to learn about their reality from a position of extreme secure proximity. To overcome the effects of psychological asymmetry we must constantly trust, especially in the absence of any evidence, that everyone is likely to be far closer to what we are — that is, far shyer more scared more worried and more incomplete than they are to resemble the personas they show to the world.