Noted fūcking moron Trump angry at reports Tillerson called him 'fūcking moron'

The President of the United States is Angry at Rex Tillerson, who was recently reported to have called Donald Trump 'a fücking moron,' a charge the Secretary of State and former Exxon-Mobil CEO does not deny.

This reveals Trump's upbeat statements on the matter to be yet another of his public lies.

Andrea Mitchell of NBC News broke the news this evening on MSNBC.

From Talking Points Memo:

In a report that doubled as a laundry list of unnamed White House sources, NBC News' Andrea Mitchell described the mobilization of top White House aides to contain the aftermath of an NBC News report on Tillerson's actions and remarks.

Trump on Wednesday said he was "very honored" by Tillerson's unscheduled remarks to reporters, and called the NBC News report "a totally phony story."

In private, however, Trump was "furious" about the report, Mitchell reported, citing five unnamed senior administration officials, and White House chief of staff John Kelly abandoned plans to travel with him to Las Vegas in order to "manage the fallout."

And Mitchell reported, citing seven unnamed senior officials, that the report left Pence "fuming."

Tillerson's unscheduled press conference on Wednesday, where he did not deny calling the President a "moron," was a result of a conversation Pence had with the secretary of state, according to Mitchell.

Kelly then met with Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Mitchell reported, citing three unnamed officials, to discuss their strategy.