Watch Larry David and Bernie Sanders learn they're cousins

In early 2016, comedian Larry David played beside Senator Bernie Sanders in an SNL skit. He also portrayed the Vermont politician in "Bern Your Enthusiasm," an SNL spoof of his own show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

David's performance was so spot-on that he received an Emmy award.

The pair learned earlier this year, by appearing on the PBS celebrity genealogy research show Finding Your Roots, that they are actually related. On Tuesday night, when the show's season four premiere aired, we got to see their reactions on learning that their DNA proves they are cousins.

Both Brooklyn natives were charmed by the news.

Sanders responded with a laugh, "You're kidding, oh my God! That's unbelievable." David remarked, "That is really funny. That is amazing. Alright, Cousin Bernie."

(Consequence of Sound)