Massive brawl in Parliament of Uganda includes impressive chair-catching

After Speaker Rebecca Kadaga ordered opposition party members evicted during a debate on lifting a presidential age limit, things got a little heated.

Via New Vision:

Chaos ensued when opposition MPs alleged that some NRM MPs had entered with guns in the House. The opposition MPs demanded to search state minister for water, Ronald Kibuule, who they accused of carrying a gun to the chambers. At this point, Makindye West MP Allan Sewanyana crossed the floor, stood before Kibuule and demanded: "You should be searched."

At this point, the Sargent at arms and his deputies were on standby guarding the mace. The mace in Parliament is the symbol of authority and without it neither House can meet or pass laws.

Amidst uproar, Kadaga pleaded with MPs for order in the House but in vain. "Order… Order… Order Honorable members," she shouted on top her voice. With her call for calm falling to deaf ears, she quietly held her chin and 'watched the movie' unfolding. It took about 20 minutes for sanity to be restored.

Blows Take over Parliament of Uganda over #AgeLimit, Several MPs Arrested (YouTube / NBS TV Uganda)