Secretly taped audio between Harvey Weinstein and model shows how aggressive he is

The New Yorker released a tape today from 2015, between then 22-year-old model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez and Harvey Weinstein.

This was taped as part of an undercover operation with the New York Police Department the day after Weinstein had sexually abused Gutierrez in his office, "groping her breasts and putting his hand up her skirt," according to The Guardian. Wearing a wire, Gutierrez is standing in the hallway of his hotel room as he tries to get her inside.

This audio shows how forceful, disrespectful and egotistical Weinstein is. Some lines between the two from the tape:

G: Yesterday was kind of aggressive for me.

W: Don't embarrass me in the hotel. I'm here all the time.

G: But I don't want to.

W: Come here. Listen to me… You'll never see me again after this… I'm a famous guy. Please come in now.

G: Why yesterday you touched my breast?

W: Oh, please, I'm sorry, just come on in. I'm used to that. Come on. Please.

G: You're used to that?

W: Yes. Come in… I won't do it again, come on, sit here. Sit here for a minute, please?… Don't ruin your friendship with me for five minutes.