Want to learn how to build robots with Arduino?


The Arduino microcontroller platform makes it easy to start hacking together your own electronics. To introduce you to the basics, this Arduino Bootcamp is currently being offered in the Boing Boing Store for $15.

With over 9 hours of video content, this course will walk you through a variety of hands-on projects. You’ll learn how to wire up components on a breadboard, before moving on to simple push-button interactions with LEDs and piezo buzzers. Once you’ve gotten a handle on the fundamentals of reading data from inputs, you can develop your hardware control skills by programming more complex systems with several types of digital displays. You’ll learn how to show values on a segment display, simulate random dice rolls, and even make a rudimentary game using a joystick and an LED matrix.

In later sections, you’ll build a remote control car, hack the tilt sensors in a Wiimote, and make a real-time weather monitor that pushes data to the web. You can get Arduino Bootcamp: Learning Through Projects from the Boing Boing Store for $15.