Map of separatist support in Europe

Compiled by redditor bezzleford, this map offers a rough view of support for independence in various European regions. Scotland and Catalonia are well-known hotspots, but I didn't know about Sardinia or Venice. And, of course, there's the good old Serb Republic!

  • "What does this map show?" – it shows the support for separatist movements that I could find data for in Europe

  • "How did you get these figures" – I made an average (usually three) of opinion polls which I will post below as part of my source. For some states I could only find 1 or 2 sources; Brittany (2), Galicia (1) and Republika Srpska (1)

  • "Why do you not have figures for Flanders, Lombardy etc." – Belgium was a very messy collection of statistics
    with no clear direction as to what the general support for partition or independence were.

  • "But 90%+ of Catalonians just voted for independence?!" – please don't attack me for this as I merely made an average (as stated above) of the three most recent polls which averaged out to 44% in support of independence.

  • "What about an Independent Northern Ireland" – since it was a higher figure, I used support for a United Ireland. But otherwise if anyone is curious support for an independent Northern Ireland is around 5-7%.

  • "Are there any overseas territories of EU states with data?" – Yes. New Caledonia plans on holding an independence referendum next year (an official, legally binding one) and support appears to be around a quarter 1