The US has quit UNESCO, the UN agency that protects world heritage sites and teaches poor children to read

UNESCO is about as good as it gets in the world of UN Specialized Agencies, responsible for designating and protecting world heritage sites, running literacy for the poorest people on Earth, supporting potable water programs, protecting fragile and endangered ecosystems, running disaster preparedness plans for all to use, protecting indigenous knowledge, protecting the free press, and digitizing the world's libraries.

Today, the US resigned from UNESCO, citing "anti-Israel bias." UNESCO has designated the old city of Hebron a Palestinian World Heritage Site.

Though the State Department requested to still be a non-member observer state in order to advocate for these ideas, the US will no longer be supporting or actively participating in any of these global programs.

The US Has Withdrawn from a UN Agency that Teaches Kids to Read and Protects Ruins
[Kaleigh Rogers/Motherboard]