Clear reflective spray for cyclists who ride at night

I constantly worry some distracted motorist will run me down and say "I never even saw him." I wear a hi-viz vest with a bunch of reflective material on it, a white helmet and there are lots of reflective elements on my bike, but it is never enough. Now, I can make just about everything reflective.

Albedo 100 is a clear, temporary, spray paint. Just spray it on your pants, jacket, bike, backpack, bags, passenger, whatever. The spray goes on pretty invisibly to textiles, and leaves a bit of a film on leather. It reflects light shone directly on it back in the direction it came from and is very effective for showing someone sitting behind a pair of headlights where you are. The stuff wears off after about a week.

I have sprayed it all over my backpack and some cordura/kevlar riding pants. I have really not bothered to look at how toxic it is, perhaps I will start to glow and no longer need the spray.

I still prefer to not ride at night.

Albedo 100 Reflective Spray Invisible Bright 4.6oz via Amazon