The social media marketing biz is booming


Running your social media profiles with a razor-sharp focus has proven to be a viable way to keep your brand above the ever-increasing noise of the internet. If you are looking to drive more traffic to your freelance hustle, almost-famous dog, meme account, or score a job as a social media manager, take a look at the Social Media Management Pro Bundle, available now in the Boing Boing Store for $34.

Not positive you want to dive all the way in? We've also broken the bundle into individual courses so you can pick exactly what you want. Here's what's included:

Blogging For Business: 3x Traffic Without Ads

Instead of spending money on sponsored posts, you can increase your digital presence by writing about your niche. Blogging For Business shows you how to author compelling posts and curate other related content. You'll learn how to promote your blog on social media and email, and measure impact with Google Analytics. This course is available standalone for $21.

Become A Freelance Social Media Manager

If you're savvy and already live on social media, you could be putting your your talents to work as a consultant. In this guide to freelance social media management, you'll get introduced to the nuts and bolts of professional social strategy — including crafting business plans, writing proposals, and setting up simple websites. After you know how to handle the business side, you'll discover the best places to find clients and grow your operation. You can get Become A Freelance Social Media Manager for $25 now.

The Complete Facebook Ads 2017 Training

With over 2 billion active users, Facebook provides ample opportunity for digital marketers. The Complete Facebook Ads 2017 Training offers 4 hours of material to help you get the most out of their ad program. You'll find out how to avoid common mistakes with hands-on experience building an audience, boosting posts, and tracking conversion rates. Pick up this course for $25.

The Complete Twitter Marketing Bootcamp 2017

Harnessing the potential of Twitter's network can be tough for newbies — you need to commit to a consistent schedule, find the right kind of followers, and treat your interactions carefully. For a complete guide on turning tweets and ads into actual business leads, pick up this Twitter Marketing Bootcamp here for $24.

The Complete Instagram Marketing 2017 Training

Instagram's visually-focused platform is great for showing off products and events, but beautiful images aren't the only aspect to a successful campaign. You can learn how to schedule appropriately, engage with communities, and build lasting relationships with the Complete Instagram Marketing 2017 Training. You can grab this course for $25 today.

Email List Building: 4 Systems To Grow Your List

Even though email lacks some of the dynamic interactivity of social media, it's still a viable, ad-free way to communicate with potential customers. Email List Building will teach you how to be an effective email marketer by crafting a compelling message and leveraging social media traffic. You can get this expert training for $22.