Therapists say more clients are reporting Trump revenge fantasies in sessions

Clients who still can't believe Trump is now the sitting Preisident are sharing revenge fantasies about Trump with their therapists.

Via Dame:

"I can't recall a single therapy session, for nearly a month following the 2016 election, which did not include references to Trump's win," says Dr. Richard Greene, a psychologist in private practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "Reactions ranged from feeling shocked and stunned to angry and frightened. Particularly powerful were the responses of women who had a sexual abuse history and both men and women who had a history of being bullied. Trump's misogyny and proclivity for intimidating people who disagree with him struck painful chords and evoked difficult memories. A number of clients said that he reminded them of their abusers."

How do people react when they're provoked or tormented? Some "retaliate" by doing the opposite of those who've caused them pain, by acting from a place of good will: "going high." But we wouldn't be human if we didn't acknowledge that we might also have darker thoughts.

Is It OK to Have Revenge Fantasies About Trump? (Dame)

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